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  • Machado Square
  • Sanchez Taboada Esplanade
  • Machado Square
  • The Cathedral
  • Sanchez Taboada Esplanade
  • The Cathedral


Explore Mazatlán

Discover the tropical beauty of the "Pearl of the Pacific" from the convenience of our Mazatlán hotel. Just a short distance from Villas El Rancho, you can enjoy shopping, golf courses as well as highly-acclaimed restaurants and night life.

Explore the ancient buildings, exotic beaches and various other local attractions and activities to enhance your stay. We offer a number of excellent city tours and activities to familiarize you with the area. Enjoy horseback riding, fishing, jungle tours and more, all from the convenience of our hotel.

Get to know the real Mazatlán by visiting these popular sights that, simply, cannot be missed:

  • The Seaside Boardwalk or Malecón
  • Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island)
  • Mazagua Waterpark
  • Basílica (The Cathedral)
  • Mazatlan's Centro Historico (Historic Downtown)
  • Machado Square
  • Angela Peralta Theather

Machado Square

Located between Constitución and Sixto Osuna Streets, close to Carnaval Street, this Square owes its name to Juan Nepomuceno Machado, a Philippine national, who donated the land to build what is now the second-oldest public square. This is the traditional Square where Carnival or Mardi Gras festivities are held, and has been the heart of Mazatlán´s Historical Center over the past century.

The Machado Square is one of the oldest public squares in Mazatlán. Historical records show that it was built in 1837, under the patronage of a wealthy businessman that dealt in silver, fabrics and pearls, by the name of Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado.

Pino Suárez Open Market

The Pino Suárez open market is housed in a building that dates back to the late 19th Century, and is located right in the heart of Mazatlán´s downtown area. You can buy locally-produced arts and crafts, as well as souvenirs, at reasonable prices.

If you´re looking for typical local fare, look no further. The Pino Suárez open market is the oldest and largest open market downtown, and the best place to get a bargain on local gift finds with an excellent array of variety and choices, both in food such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dry goods as well as Mexican crafts, clothing and souvenirs.

Sanchez Taboada Esplanade

The public ocean-front esplanade called Glorieta Sánchez Taboada is also called a "Plazuela" or Square by locals, due to its size and its popularity, where the beauty of the ocean sets the stage for fun and exciting activities. Located on Paseo Claussen along the coast boulevard, it´s surrounded by beautiful local monuments.

It´s a favorite spot for Mazatlecan families to have a good time with their kids, and everyone loves to admire the spectacular sunsets over the vast ocean´s horizon, and enjoy exciting performances like the cliff divers or ?El Clavadista?, such a daring feat by local divers from the highest point of the plaza´s rocky staircase.

You´ll also find tasty snacks, including coconuts, snow cones, coconut candy and other local favorites. 

The Cathedral

The Cathedral located right in the heart of this City. The building as a whole is nothing short of majestic. Its architectural design and ornamental details are unique, and of undeniable quality. Just take a look at its fourteen European sculptures, for example.

The Cathedral takes-up an entire block, surrounded by Benito Juárez, Guillermo Nelson, José María Canizales and 21 de Marzo Streets, right in the heart of downtown, only a block away from the Pino Suárez open market and across the street from the public square called Plazuela República, where our City Hall is located.

Its construction began in 1875 and ended in 1899. The church was consecrated in 1937, in honor of the Immaculate Conception. It´s considered the most beautiful Cathedral  in Mexico´s Northwest. It´s atrium, enclosed by a strong, forged wrought-iron perimeter fence, lends grandeur to the building, and sets the stage for three monuments, two of Christ as King and a third one depicting the recently-canonized Saint Juan Diego, as he shows Bishop Fray Juan de Zumárraga his peasant poncho with the miraculous apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe stamped on it.